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Exclusive: Dimple Hayathi: No more stereotypes

Y.Sunita Chowdhary

Ask Dimple Hayathi how she had treated the lock down, she says it has taken time to come to reality. For her it almost looked like a film as she had never ever imagined something kind of this will happen to this generation. In her words, “I have seen something like this in a film for sure but if at all we reach the situation, people will turn man eaters. The plot of the movie is terrible, thankfully we didn’t reach that situation. Our government took care of us well. A few places in the world had people fighting for groceries. Our situation wasn’t that bad, even though we have a house, we were running out of supplies. I understand people had to feed their children, so the desperation arose from that and they began fighting. Sometime I wonder what it would be like if I were in that position; I might fill all the required food in a bag for my pup and then would take him along with me. My mom asked me then what I would be eating, I replied we can manage somehow but not the pup.” All said and done, Dimple spreads positivity and thinks that things might not escalate but might prevail another two years.

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The first week of lockdown was hell but she did ‘strength’ training, dead lifting 80kgs and all but now had lost interest. It is back to square one but somehow she went through body workout and functional training. Meanwhile many production houses had approached her to enquire if she would be interested in OTT platform, she declined the offer politely and says she would do it definitely but only later. Actually, there is a point in what Dimple states, producers who are not willing to spend huge budgets on actresses from Mumbai and other States prefer to take local girls now as main leads in this time of crisis. Spending on flight tickets, hotel stay, quarantine homes etc would be an expensive affair to which responds, “It is like wishful thinking, now that everyone would become cautious.”

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Doesn’t she feel being wasted in the item number in Gaddalakonda Ganesh where she was seen briefly and her steps were just repeated? “Harish Shankar’s theme was that he didn’t want me to be exposed too much, he told me the same in the beginning itself,” she sounds a tad disappointed. She is aware such risky moves will only land her in a stereotyped version in films. People in the industry don’t see if the girl is talented or if she can act, all they want is capitalise on the look. They just want a pretty face. Dimple is quite clear now and will take up something only if she thinks it will help her and her career. She says, “I have been asked to do an item number in Acharya. I was like No, I could have done it because there is Chiranjeevi but not now at this juncture. I got another item number for a Ravi Teja film etc but I politely turned them down.” Surely, Dimple can do more than an item number. All our pretty and talented Telugu girl needs is patience and positivity to bag the right role. She is already doing Anand L Rai’s movie and we are sure she will grab your attention this time.

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