Gajuwaka constituency for Pawan Kalyan

Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has chosen his turf from where he will be contesting the upcoming assembly elections. Putting aside to rumours of different places, Pawan is all set to contest from Gajuwaka constituency of Visakhapatnam.

Reason for Pawan choosing Gajuwaka

The constituency is considered as the stronghold hold of Praja Rajyam Party, where once a candidate won the seat way back in 2009. Secondly, Gajuwaka constituency is considered to have strong strong supporters of youth as youngestres are ardent followrs of Pawan kalyan. Dominated by Yadavs and Kapus, the constituency public could see backing Pawan.

Meanwhile, Nara Lokesh would be contesting from Visakha District. The TDP is leaving no stone unturned to win he sear and make Lokesh as the Legislator of Visakha North Constituency.

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