Here’s Why Sanjay Dutt Wants His Biopic To Be Out On May 8


There’s a curiosity associated with Sanjay Dutt’s biopic and it has only surged after knowing that Rajkumar Hirani is directing the film. Sanjay Dutt’s role is being enacted by Ranbir Singh. While many had apprehensions when Ranbir’s name was announced but the hullabaloo slumped after seeing his pictures which had close resemblance to Sanjay Dutt. And now the makers of the film want to unveil the trailer as per Sanjay Dutt’s wish on May 8.

The date holds special significate for Sanjay as his first film rocky got released on the same day on May 8, 1981. Rocky was directed by Sanjay’s father Sunil Dutt and incidentally, the movie got released five days after Sanjay’s mother Nargis passed away, who battled from cancer.

The biopic stars Dia Mirza,Manisha Koirala, Sonam kapoor, Paresh Rawal and Karishma Tanna among others The film will hit the marquee on June 29.