Idli and Hyderabad, a deadly combination

Idli lover from Hyderabad breaks record
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Savouring your favourite dish Idli might certainly tantalise your tastebuds. If it is fluffy with and groundnut chutney by the side, or ghee, there’s nothing better you get to start your day.

But when it comes to nutritional chart, Idly falls short way behind. The low carbs in it, the less dietary fibre and mere one percent of protein — will not serve your needs for sure. And mind you, Idly can be at times unhealthy for people suffering from diabetes.

But a Hyderabadi has made a record of sorts consuming as much Idly as worth Rs 6 lakh. This was disclosed by food giant Swiggy. He hasn’t consumed all though. He placed as many as 8,428 plates of Idly for himself, for his family members and friends during their travel time shuttling from Hyderabad to Chennai and to Bengaluru cities.

Marking the occasion of World Idly Day on March 30, Swiggy released a report from the last year to the current month of April. The food giant divulged some interesting insights and changes in consumers’ preferences in the morning breakfast.

Idly is one of popular variants across all the cities in the country. Residents of Mumbai too have been ordering Idlies during night time. And least to mention, plain Idli is declared the most sought after food item.

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