Is Akhil flirtatious?

Akkineni scion Akhil is a three-film old. While his recently released Mr Majnu has received a mixed response at the box-office. Akhil was seen as a playboy in the film and using pick up lines to woo women. Ask him if he is flirtatious in real life, pat comes reply “No”. He says, “Even if she is pretty, I don’t go to her randomly and pick up a conversation.  Everyone likes a little bit of flirting and I do indulge in healthy flirting at times.  I don’t use “pick up lines” with girls.  In ‘Mr. Majnu’, I found it awkward to use ‘Excuse me, miss’ in those scenes. But Venky Atluri insisted that I should do that”.

Akhil: I Don’t Use Pick Up Lines With Girls

Meanwhile, Akhil opens up on the tough time he had following strict regime for the film. He speaks about the strict dies he had to an extent that he didn’t have water for four days. “It was not needed to have that 8-pack-abs look in the movie.  But giving more than what is necessary is not wrong at all. It took a lot of effort for me to tone my body.  Shekar Master promised that he will compose a unique song.  I had to go through a diet regimen for 2 months.  I didn’t drink water for four days. While building up, I didn’t talk much at home for a month.  I was frightened that I might get irritated.  So, I was aloof to be fair to others.  People would be scared to come near me during that time.  After the diet regimen was over, I binged on five varieties of ice-creams at once.  It was a memorable day for me,” added Akhil.