Is NTR The First Hero in Telugu?

Praising their favourite hero is normal for any film fan. But, what if someone from the industry does it? Such claims would be questioned and such arguments countered. Now that NTR biopic is in the making, the unit posted a pic on the social media. The pic shows legendary NTR talking to legendary filmmaker LV Prasad. It was LV Prasad who launched NTR in his film Mana Desam, The still is from the same film. The caption says: heroism began 69 years ago in Telugu film industry. Krish too endorsed it by adding a supportive comment.

Krish Trolled For Sr NTR Comments

Soon, netizens began trolling the NTR biopic unit and Krish for wrongfully claiming that NTR was the first big hero of Telugu industry. In fact, when NTR entered the industry as a supporting actor, ANR was already an established hero. Chittoor Nagaiah was already a superstar. How can Krish ignore these things, the netizens are asking. NTR may have taken heroism to the next level, But, he definitely is not the first hero of Telugu industry. The netizens, especially those backing other heroes, want Krish to be more careful while making such outlandish statements.