Is Shilpa Shetty separating from Raj Kundra?

Is Shilpa Shetty getting separate from her husband Raj Kundra? Well, the news left Shilpa’s mother as shocked as you guys are. Well, this was the prank done by director Anurag Basu on the show of Super Dancer Chapter 3 judge Anurag Basu.

The actress’ mother was baffled after she received a text message from Shilpa stating that she wants to split from her husband after they had a major tiff. Shilpa who got to know of the prank ushed to Anurag snatching away her phone and informing her mother to not take its seriously. “No need to panic Maa. Everything is fine. Anurag dada sent that message from my phone. Don’t ever believe if you get any messages that I am pregnant or separating till I myself come and tell you”, said Shilpa to her mom over the phone.

The incident left the audience and others on the show in slits leaving Shilpa visibly furious over Anurag’sprak. She in fcat ounched him tihgtly. Shilpa got married to Raj Kundra in 2009. The couple has a son named Viaan