IT Sleuths Knock The Door of This Heroine’s Trust

For every problem, there is bound to be some solution. This senior heroine from Tollywood has come up with an ingenious plan to escape the tax dragnet. She formed a trust and asked the producers to pay only 30 per cent of the remuneration on her name. The remaining 70 per cent would be paid to the trust she floated. This means, she paid taxes only for 30 per cent of her income and the rest had tax exemption.

Everyone felt she was spending a huge portion of her income for service of the poor and the needy. But, a recent IT raid on her trust had busted the myth. It turned out that the IT sleuths found several discrepancies in her dealings and had even served notices to her. This happened at a time when she was planning to re-enter politics. Some say had she not tried to foray into politics, her Trust would have remained untouched.

Some also say that her son has just tried to start a new business and when the fund inflow was examined, it led to the Trust and the IT sleuths raided it. But whatever, this senior heroine is the talk of the Tollywood town these days.