Kangana-Hrithik’s affair takes new turn

So much has already been said about Hrithik and Kangana’s secret affair. There were court cases and a lot was said about Kangana and how she trapped Hrithik. Both the partied have revealed their secrets and have washed the dirty linen in public.

Once again now, Kangana has spoken up and has caused a storm. Speaking to mid-day she said so many interesting things which reveal some dark secrets about the couple.

“I was dragged to court for being who I am. I was restricted to a relationship that was (carried out) behind closed doors and I fought it fair and square. People (can) talk rubbish, but they can’t decide how I lead my life. I felt stigmatised. I would wake up to (media reports) of hideous emails, which I hadn’t written. I am a certified screenwriter from the New York Film Academy. I don’t write such crap.”