Kangana Ranaut calls them ‘dumb, idiot’

Multi-hyphenated Kangana Ranaut and controversies go hand-in-hand. The Manikarnika actress has once again taken a dig at filmmaker Karan Johar and her ex-flame Hrithik Roshan. Speaking at an event, she said, “I don’t feel left out. I really feel I stand out. When you talk about actresses, here’s a three-time National Award-winning actress. The Mr Johars of the world try to present a list of people whose acting abilities are questionable. It’s brain-feeding of another magnitude”.

“Karan mocked me on the IIFA stage and said that I am jobless and I am looking for jobs from him or something like that. I mean, look at my talent and look at your movies. I mean, really? He really called me jobless on some platform? I think some people need a dose of chyavanprash,” the actress said.

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Calling Hrithik Roshan “dumb” for not recognising her, she said, “At that point of time, you feel really intensely about it but later on, you do not have strong emotions. I still find it absurd. How can someone just denying knowing you after working with you in two films? I would definitely think it is dumb, even if I think about it 100 years later,” the outspoken actress said. Kangana’s latest film Manikarnika has minted over Rs 100 crore at the Indian box-office.