Karthi slams actress for making fun of his father Sivakumar

Karthi’s father Sivakumar was in the news in recent times a stoked controversy after he shoved away the phone of a fan for clicking selfies. This happened not once but twice. And now the selfie thing is back after actress Kasthuri cracked an insensitive remark over veteran actor.

Kasthuri and Karthi shared the dais for an audio launch of July Kaatril. During the event, she said she would take a selfie with Karthi adding that her father Sivakumar isn’t around them. Offended Karthi immediately slammed the actress saying,  “This is completely unwanted now. The act of taking a selfie is just disrespectful in recent times. There is no sense for people to ask others before taking a photo. Instead, they just shove the phone on to your face. On top of it, the mobile phone has heavy flashes which might affect a person with migraine. It is just disheartening to see people stoop down to such levels that they cannot even ask permission of the concerned person.”

Karthi with a smile says, “I had to say it now, other,wise I wouldn’t get a chance. There is no respect for anyone or anything in the world.”