Kaushal’s Doctorate Is A Fake

Little known fashion industry personality Kaushal became a topnotch celebrity with the 100-day Bigg Boss Season II. The way he played his game, his single-minded focus earned him countless fans. Kaushal Army, a dedicated band of supporters, worked hard for his victory. The Kaushal Army later hit the headlines with their aggressive attacks on rivals and anyone who dared to question Kaushal. Their overdrive soon created problems for Kaushal himself and earned a bad name for his Army.

Meanwhile, there was a buzz that Kaushal received a congratulatory phone call from the Prime Minister’s office on winning the Bigg Boss show. Soon after, there was another news that a famed US-based university has conferred an honorary doctorate on him.

Even Kaushal confirmed these news reports. This became a sensational news in the Telugu media. But soon, it came to light that the news of conferring doctorate on Kaushal was a fake one. Kaushal too confirmed that he was fed with the wrong news. The University has also issued a clarification saying that this was a fake news. Later, it turned out that even the news of a phone call from the PMO too was a fake one. Suddenly, Kaushal realised that he should be very careful while believing in news reports like these.

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