Krishna and His Leela director heaps praise on Seerat Kapoor

Director Ravikant Pereru’s recently released film ‘Krishna and his Leela’ on OTT platform has got positive response from critics and audience alike. Many have hailed this as the first successful OTT platform. Now director has heaped praises on Seerat for performance as  Ruksaar. Appreciating her, on Instagram he wrote, “You met Satya, you’ve seen Radha. Look at Ruksaar. But you only get to just look. A wild spirit, prefers to live just now. To Krishna, she’s his confidante, reality check and his secrets tank. Seerat Kapoor is playing her. The lines are all blurred when I look at Siddu Jonalagadda, Shraddha Srinath, Shalini Vadnikatti and Seerat Kapoor the lines are blurred. I can’t differentiate them from the characters they played, or vice versa. I am confused and so is Krishna (sic),”

On the other side, Seerat also shared a picture with the filmmaker and spoke of celebraion of her digital blockbuster adding it to her first day of her being on the set.  “I can’t possibly thrive on my first #Digitalblockbuster without celebrating my very first on set day! I have a fondness for capturing my most precious moments and here we were; newly bonding but with a childlike enthusiasm to further explore what’s in store, away! Ravikant is not back, he was always here. Silently observing some of your psyche and more. He then made notes which later titled “Krishna And His Leela ” while actually making Leela look like a cooler one. Share your bountiful adulation for him by penning down your thoughts on Ruksaar below! (sic)” she wrote.