MAA Controversy: Chiranjeevi Takes Charge To Settle Dispute

Megastar Chiranjeevi has stepped into the ensuing MAA controversy that had split it into two groups – headed by Sivaji Raja and Naresh.  Apparently, Chiranjeevi wants to settle the matter at the earliest before it becomes an embarrassing situation for the industry. The General Secretary Naresh has met Chiranjeevi explaining how things turned murkier. Apparently, Chiru is unhappy with Sivaji Raja and actor Srikantha for not handling the US programme professionally.

Chiranjeevi Comes In Pic In MAA Dispute

It all started after Naresh accused the trio of swindling with the money and questioning how can they expect to raise only Rs 1 crore funds through a US event which has names Chiranjeevi, Mahesh Babu among other biggies. To this, the executive members of the MAA organised a press meet on Monday to clarify and come out with a clean image.

“I swear on my children and Goddess Peddamma Thalli that even 5 paise has not been misused in however long I have held this post. I have donated to causes from my own money, but never even touched the association’s money. I haven’t even drunk a cup of tea on MAA’s money,” Sivaji said.

Meanwhile, Naresh has said that why the trio is aginst from setting up a fact committee if they are not at fault. To this, the trio said, “We are not afraid, which is why we have come in front of everyone to speak. We also have the full backing of people in the association,” the trio said.”