Madhavi Latha Sensational Comments On Tanish

Bigg Boss Telugu, second season, which started on a slow pace amidst criticism is finally soaring thanks to the audience who are watching for their favourite contestants. As the show nears towards the end, Bigg Boss is throwing up a funny and innovative task for the housemates. Meanwhile, actress Madhavi Latha’s comments on Tanish are doing the rounds on social media. The actress spoke about her Nachavule co-actor Tanish in an interview when she was asked about on his character.

Madhavi Latha’s Comments On Tanish

In the video, the reporter questions Madhavi Latha as to what  she feels about Tanish behavior specially with Sunaina and Nandini in Bigg Boss house. To this, she says that all this while she avoided speaking on him but says explicitly that his character is like this. Check this video:

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