Mahesh Babu becomes first South Indian actor to achieve this feat 

Good news is here for Mahesh Babu fans. Superstar Mahesh Babu is added to Urban Dictionary. And the actor is the first  South Indian actor to achieve this feat. The Urban Dictionary described Mahesh Babu as “Mahesh Babu: A sexy indian Telugu actor that almost every girl is in love with. He is called prince because he is charming and very handsome.” Well, this has made the fans to raise a toast for them who are enjoying this actor’s feat.

Mahesh Babu gets into Urban Dictionary

Recently, buzz was there that Mahesh asked Anil Ravipudi to do a film for him. He had in the past asked Arjun Reddy director Sandip Reddy Vanga to work with him and he had also held discussions with him.

But, experience shows that whenever Mahesh worked with a hit director, the films did not end up as a hit. He had earlier worked with Srikanth Addala and the result was disastrous. Similarly, he did Spyder with Murugadoss. This again was a disaster. So, given this experience, what will happen to Anil Ravipudi project?