Mahesh Babu’s US Fund Raiser Cancelled

Are Tollywood’s biggest names losing their appeal on foreign lands? Time was when a Tollywood biggie went on a foreign joint, huge crowds greeted them with gusto and their programmes were big successes. But, these days the stars do not seem to have the same appeal.

Mahesh Babu has to attend a fund-raising event in the US on October 27. But, the event had to be cancelled due to poor response. Initially, it was expected that some 100 NRI families would attend the fund-raiser. Later, it turned out that not even 50 families were attending. Even this number was possible only after the entry rates were slashed from $ 2000 to $450. Due to poor response, the event had to be cancelled. Some say the internal quarrels in MAA too may have forced the cancellation.

Recently, a Chiranjeevi programme too flopped in the US and DSP’s musical concert too did not get the kind of response it would normally get. Now, it’s the turn of Mahesh Babu. Wonder why the Tollywood biggies are losing their charisma abroad.

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