Met Gala 2019: When Kim Kardashian couldn’t pee or sit

Kim Kardashian’s wet and dripping look at the Met Gala 2019 was captivating and turned many heads around with her sartorial and her tiny waist grabbed a lot of eyeballs. This year’s theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’ and Kim aced her ocean outfit.

Kim wore Thierry Mugler custom-made outfit with a nude look and dripping water beads elevating her look. But not many know that Kim had to pay a price as long as she wore that outfit.  In fact, Kim had to give up sitting and couldn’t pee for hours wearing the outfit. Behind the video was released where Kim was helped by three assistants getting her drape the dress. She is heard saying,  “I’ll be walking around, mingling, talking, but I can hardly sit.” She added, “Wish me luck, I won’t be able to pee for about four hours. We’re coming up with a plan for what we do in case of an emergency.”