Moana Movie Review

Animated movies are watched and loved by all generation people. The visual effects and creative story would attract the audience more. Kids love spending their time either watching cartoons on TV or they prefer to play games and they would show much more interest and feel excited to watch an animated 3D movie on big screen. Animated movies are always popular. On this Thanksgiving season one such animated 3D movie which was released yesterday to entertain audience on the big screen is Moana. Moana is a 3D animated fantasy adventure movie which was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and was released by Walt Disney Pictures. Ron Clements and John Musker are the directors of the movie and the co-director is Don Hall.

There was a huge fan following for Walt Disney movie after the movies Wreck- It Ralph, Toy Story and Frozen. Now, Moana is also added into the list of popular movies of Walt Disney by adding many fans into its account. The movie also carried a lovely message to convey to its audience.

This most awaited animated 3D movie Moana was made with the budget of 150 million USD. This was released yesterday in all the theatres with lot of expectations from the team.  The trailer of the movie has already got many likes on You Tube therefore the expectations of the movie are also higher. Auli Cravalho and Dwayne Johnson lent their voices which gave life to the animated cartoons in the movie.

It is advisable to take kids to theater and make them watch this movie for two reasons, one reason is that they find it entertaining since it has got a good message story with beautiful animations and moreover they would love it since its a 3D movie and visual effects are very good and the other thing is they would develop the creative skills by watching these kind of animated 3D movies.