This Director Is Depressed, Heartbroken

For the last few days, AR Murugadoss is facing heat as his upcoming much-touted film Sarkar has entangled in plagiarism issue. The complaint Varun has even approached Madras High Court whihc had ordered the makers to respond before October 30. Meanwhile, for the first time, Murugadoss has opened up on this saying the issue has made him depressed and heartbroken.

Murugadoss Opens Up On Sarkar Plagiarism

“This incident has put me into depression and I am heartbroken. I have written the complete story of Sarkar, with my set of assistants, in this office from 7 in the morning, until 9 PM in the night. Also, I have not met this person called Varun (the story writer of Sengol), and I don’t have any experiences with him. I haven’t spoken to him or met him anywhere outside or nothing of that sort has even happened. Even he would agree to that point, said Murugadoss.

Meanwhile, the Tamil writer association has said, “We asked Murugadoss if he can provide Varun with a writing credit, but he didn’t accept it. He said his inspiration for the script was Sivaji Ganesan’s real life election campaigning back in the day. So we offered him an alternate solution. We asked him to add, ‘Inspired by original events and adapted to screen by AR Murugadoss’ to the start of the film and give an additional inspiration credit to Varun. But the director didn’t accept that either. In light of these developments, we wrote the leaked letter to Varun that we tried our best but couldn’t do anything more, and expressed our regrets on the same.”