Naga Babu’s hilarious troll at Nara Lokesh, ABN

Naga Babu is continuing his potshots relentlessly on his YouTube channel ‘Naa Channel Naa Istam’. And the latest one to get trolled by Naga Babu is IT & Panchayat Raj Minister Nara Lokesh and the TDP’s yellow media new channel ABN Channel.

Naga Babu aired about the video aired by ABN on Nara Lokesh Davos meeting with top investors. ABN boasted about Lokesh’s meeting with top investors who are bringing in investment to Andhra Pradesh. However, Naga Babu took a hilarious dig at the channel adn Lokesh quetsions the channela s to why it is not revelaing the investors name.

Later, Naga Babu went to troll Chandrababu who continuously and unwantedly targeting Narendra Modi. He also made hilarius gestures as how ABN is doing proganda for TDP.