Bigg Boss Telugu 3: Special gifts for housemates

On the occasion of Dusshera festival, Nagarjuna Akkineni entered the Bigg Boss house with some special gifts. He made a dazzling entry in the house on Tuesday’s episode. He tasted the food made by the housemates and spent more time with them on Wednesday’s episode as well.

Nagarjuna Brings Special Gifts for Housemates

During his stay, he asked the housemates to play some fun games. As part of this, Ali did make-up to Mahesh Vitta. Varun Sandesh ate certain things with the help of Sreemukhi. Baba collected coins from the Flour bowl. Vithika Sheru did a fun task with Balloons. Sivajyothi is also given something to eat. Rahul Sipligunj sang a song in kilkili language. Sreemukhi did a Belly dance. Mahesh slapped cake to Sivajyothi

The tasks have come out well. After the task is over, Nagarjuna gave the special gifts he has given to the housemates.

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