Nandu Campaigns For Geetha Madhuri

The Bigg Boss Telugu 2 finale is only a few days away and each contestants family has started campaigning for them. Geetha Madhuri‘s husband Nandu went live on her Instagram and urged her fans to support for Geetha and vote for her. During the live session, Nandu added that he is not trying to play “women card” to get sympathy votes but rather requested her followers to support stating that she a strong contestant and playing very well.

Geetha Madhuri Husband Nandu Instagram Campaign


  1. Legal Action 

Nandu also asserted that he will be betaking a legal course on fraudulent fan clubs which are instigated internet bullying and spreading hate messages to Geetha. He added that he is very well familiar to all the constant and share a good bonding with them.

Previously, Kaushal Manda’s wife Neelima posted an emotional video on the Facebook page, which has also gone viral on YouTube. In the 7-minute long video, Neelima has thanked Kaushal fans for their immense and unconditional support to him. The finale will take place on September 30 and the top five contestants are – Kaushal Manda, Samrat Reddy, Tanish Alladi, Geetha Madhuri and Deepthi Nallamothu.

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