Nani Takes Legal Action On Sri Reddy Allegations

Natural Star Nani has strongly reacted to the allegations pointed at him by Sri Reddy. The actor had posted a strong and hard-hitting note in which he states that he will not entangle himself into the filth and has initiated a legal action for defaming him. ” I am NOT going to join the filth by reacting. I am NOT going to give them what they want. Initiated legal action, Legal notice has been despatched for filing defamation cases. The fact that someone can randomly pick up names who are soft targets and spread such absolutely baseless nonsense and think that they can actually get away with it, disturbs me! I’m not worried about me, I’m worried for us and the society we live in,” his post on Twitter reads.

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu Host Nani Files Defamation Case

Earlier, we told you that Sri Reddy alleged that she is not part of Big Boss show due to Nani and blamed him for asking the show management to oust her.  “Nani was instrumental in leaving me out of the show. In fact, I’ve learned that he has gone on to threaten the organisers to leave the show if I’m a part of it. “I was initially approached by the Big Boss team to be a part of the show. I gave my consent but when I did not hear from them for a month, I called them up to ask for an update. I was then told that they can’t take me on board because of ‘some politics’. I was shocked to hear that,” she said.

Meanwhile, Nani countered Sri Reddy’s allegations by calling them “baseless” and “nonsense”. The actor said that the entire world is aware of her track record and going by that everyone has stopped paying heed to her baseless rumours.