Nara Lokesh lands in trouble over Nara Devaansh Twitter account

Nara Lokesh has often been in news for his slip of tongue gaffes at public function among many others. Now, the IT minister has invited controversy yet again over his son Nara Devaansh’s Twitter account.  Tagging his son Devansh (@ naradevaansh), Lokesh said that Devansh was growing fast and that he was not able to spend much time with him. However, his tweet soon received backlash from netizens for violating Twitter norms and wondering how come an IT minister is living under a rock.

To create an account on Twitter, one needs to attain an age of 13. While many social media accounts in the name of Nara Devaansh have been there but there was no authenticity around it. But with Nara Lokes tagging his son on Twitter and making a post on it confirms that he is aware of it. Netizens are baffled and even experts feel that for a child having social media accounts causes much damage to them and hamper child’s development. Have a look at the netizen’s post: