Netizens Slam Tanish Alladi Brother 

In today’s episode in Bigg Boss Telugu 2, family’s of Kaushal, Roll Raida and Tanish came. While, it was a teary eyed for the viewers seeing upon Kaushal’s little munchkins and his family, it was Tanish’s brother Krish who is receiving the wrath of anger from Kaushal fans.

Upon his entry, Krish interacted with fellow contestant and then later shot question at Kaushal asking if he was concerned about Deepthi’s captaincy then why he asked to give him captaincy post when the former was removed from the post. To this, Kaushal explained him that since she was removed he was the second one who competed in the task so he felt right in requesting Bigg Boss to make him captain.

Well, this behaviour of Tanish’s brother didn’t go down well with netizens who took a dig at him. Check out the tweets:

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