Bigg Boss Telugu 2: This Episode To Get Maximum TRPs

In today’s (September 12) episode that will be aired is one the most watched out and holds special for Kaushal and his followers too. The promo was shown where Kaushal breaks into tears upon seeing his two adorable little munchkins sitting in the confession room. The promo has been widely shared across and garnered much likes with #kaushal army and fans waiting with bated breath to watch the episode. The fans also posted on social media that this family episode will get the highest TRPs ever because of Kaushal’s family.

Kaushal Family On Bigg Boss Sets


Check out the tweets:

Kaushal With His Kids: Emotional Episode Ever In Telugu Bigg Boss 2

Recently, Kaushal Army successfully conducted 2K run at Madhapur in support of their favourite contestant Kaushal Manda. The run has been a massive success with scores of fans joining the event. Kaushal’s wife Neelima thanked the #kaushalarmy and followers for showing immense love and support to her husband in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

“I cannot put my feelings into words. It’s a blessing to have you all love Kaushal as much as you do.Kaushal would be very happy to know the amount of love being showered on him. I thank Kaushal Army for being with him through everything. Thank you. NEELIMA KAUSHAL,” Kaushal’s wie posted on the Twitter handle of her hubby. Her post has been liked over 1K and retweets over 600 and still counting.