This Hero Wants To Experiment Now

After three back-to-back disasters, Nithiin appears to have learnt the lesson the hard way. He is now looking to make films that are both experimental or suit his image. He has realized that run-of-the-mill fare will ruin his career and drive away even his diehard fans. So, he is now planning to experiment keeping in mind the current trends.

Nithiin Wants To Experiment Now

So for his next, he is ready to follow the trend. He is studying what sells and what appeals to the current generation of the viewers. He is also preparing himself for a complete make over. Another interesting thing is that he is now looking make films under outside producers.
He no longer wants to act and make films too as it could mean a double whammy. Now, he appears to have come on to the right track. A couple of hits can breath life into his career again.