NTR Biopic: When Vidya Balan Gets Angry,The Whole Unit Benefits

We all know that Bollywood beauty Vidya Balan is doing a key role in NTR biopic. This is her first foray into Telugu industry. Though many directors and producers tried to make her act in a Telugu film, the things somehow did not work out as expected. But, Balayya worked his charm on this beauty and roped her in for NTR biopic.

When Vidya Balan Gets Angry

But, the latest is that Vidya Balan was not told that NTR biopic would be in two parts. When she realized that the film will have a sequel, she reportedly demanded two remunerations. Balayya not only agreed to her demand, but also gave her a 50 per cent rise.
Not just that, he has revised the remunerations for all other actors. So, Vidya’s gain has proved to be a gain for the whole unit.