Opinion: Aravind should focus a bit more on AhA

AhA is the brain child of producer Allu Aravind, he could immediately sense the pulse of the people who were whiling away time watching films on OTT and saw a business opportunity in it. He plunged into work roping in his contacts from Kolkotta to Chennai to Mumbai and other places to start an eventful journey. Despite the initial hiccups, AhA seemed to settle well. Aravind even made an announcement that the content is for a niche audience and it will be bold. Using his influence he got to convince some top Telugu directors to generate content but that didn’t last. It was then two small films made noise and got the two million subscribers in one week. He even gave a free subscription to the media for three months. After that there has been a lull again with Aravind stating that AhA will focus on decent content. Lot of money is being spent, recruitments going on an overdrive but there is no positive result.

The media leaks that the CEO of the platform has no understanding of Telugu content and its dynamics. Every time a director comes to narrate a story, the CEO asks for an English narration and the director runs away. Not all people in TFI are well versed in English, they are not even a Ravi Babu who can flatter Suresh Babu with English narrations. We also hear people Sharat Marar, Rajeev Reddy and anyone who is in direct contact with Aravind being asked to go. The buzz is the directors are wondering why Aravind is allowing this to happen, why he isn’t questioning? Now there is another man this time from the South, Mr S who is looking for an opportunity to bring Tamil scripts, Tamil writers, Tamil directors to develop AhA. The truth is the views  that the trailers of AhA content are getting are less than what RGV’s trailers get. There is no buzz for AhA and vendors are having bitter experiences. We wish AhA gets back on track and creates more opportunities for local talent, after all it is the pride of our Telugu people.

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