Osmania Student Slams TRS MP Balka Suman For ‘Dallit Card’

Ahead of assembly polls in Telangana whihc is scheduled on December 7, TRP MP Balka Suman has come under fire by Osmania student. A video of whihc is gone viral, where the student slams Balka Suman stating he is not a Dalit. The student in question questioned Balka Suman that why he uses Dalit card in his favour when Congress leader Revanth Reddy slammed him.

Rohith Vemula

The Osmania student questioned Balka Suman as to why he was silent on Rohith Vemula issue when the entire nation flocked in support of him. He then gave advice to Balka saying that political parties blaming and using foul language at one another is a common sight, but bring up Dalit card is not god one. He warned Blak that is he usedDalitt card only to get sympathy then entire Osmanian will pounce back at him.