Producers Came Out In The open, and The Film Flopped

Mythri Movie Makers made waves with Srimanthudu. The film is a non-Bahubali hit. Then came Janatha Garage and Rangasthalam. Both were blockbusters. They marshalled all their experience of distribution in the US and used it to produce quality fare that appealed to the viewers and rained money.

All along, the producers remained in the background. They didn’t ever come before the media and make big claims. But, for Savyasachi, they made an exception. They came before the media and said Savyasachi was going to be another blockbuster.

But, the film flopped badly. It not just got negative talk, but also has been declared a flop. The collections have hit the rock-bottom. The buyers are in doldrums and the film has ended up as a flop of the first order.

Let the men behind the Mythri Movie Maker remain behind the screen. Their first public appearance spelt disaster for them.

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