Raadhu controversy: Rolla Rida says Kaushal Manda dear friend

Rolla Rida Clears Air On Raadhu Controversy

Bigg Boss Telugu second season was one the most trending Twitter hashtags of 2018. Thanks to Kaushal Manda and his fans and followers who rooted for him.  Even after the show, Kaushal has been in the news due to his work and his Bigg Boss contestants remarks over him, In connection to it, raper Roll Rida’s latest video song Raadhu has hit the controversy. Netizens are upset the Roll has trolled Kaushal through his new song Raadhu.

  1. Roll: Kaushal dear friend

The rapper Roll who got backlash over the video released a video of himself clear air on it. Roll went on to say that Raadhdoesn’tlt troll Kaushal but it trolls the people who have trolled Kaushal. He also added that he also trolled himelf in the song by adding “para para” version.

2. Kaushal made me win an award

Roll in the video, further elobarted that Kaushal, in fcat, helemd him win an awrdd. He contuned to say how can he troll a perosn who helped him and who contnue to be his deaer friend.