Raai Laxmi opens up on pregnancy rumours

Sexy siren Raa Laxmi is fuming at the media for carrying off her pregnancy reports. Squashing them as baseless and defaming one, the actress says that she has never hidden her relationships, but writing on her pregnancy is taking things far. She added that she would have to take a legal course if false reports are published.

“Few people have made it their job to talk nonsense and spread the rumours about me. I did have multiple love affairs and break-ups but that doesn’t mean you can interpret me as you wish,” she said.

“I never said I did not have a relationship. I have been through lots of relationships. I still want to be in a relationship. Life continues as such. We all get married one day and have family,” says Laxmi. On the work front, She has Where Is The Venkatalakshmi among others.