Raj Tarun Lover Review

Release Date

Director: Anish Krishna

Cast: Raj Tarun, Riddhi Kumar

Music Director: Ankit Tiwari

Producer: Dil Raju

Lover Movie Review


Raj Tarun (Raj) is a custom-bike mechanic and lives with his brother Jaggu (Rajeev Kanakala), sister-in-law and his niece. While his brother Haggu chooses a wrongful path, Raj living in living an honest life dreaming to have his own family one day. Like typical Telugu cinema, Charita (Riddhi Kumar), a Malayali nurse is introduced only as the love interest to Raj.

The twist comes up after villain  Varadharaj (Sachin Khedekar) is after Charita’s life. Why he is after her and the medical scam it has forms the crux of the story.


Raj Tarun has delivered a decent performance, while its debutante Riddhi Kumar who comes as refreshing, but unfortunately the filmmaker doesn’t edge out her character well. Rajeev Kanakala unarguably has given his best, while other character artistes Subbaraju, Sachin Khedekar and Ajay have been wasted by portraying them as mere caricatures.


While the plot beats around the old trope of the genre, it is the music that helps in moving the story forward. Secondly, it’s  Sameer Reddy’s cinematography that is the standout element in the film. The locales have bee captures aesthetically, keeping it in the natural palette.


No harm in giving it a chance

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Average Critics Rating: 3
Total Critics:2


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