Rakul Preet Advice Over #MeToo

Actress Rakul Preet is currently working on Bollywood film whihc has director Luv Ranjan filming it. Ask her about the sexual accusation her director, Rakul says, “It did come as a shock to me. I am not saying anyone is right or wrong here. But I remember the first day when I met him to do this film… I went back home and called my mom and said, ‘They are such amazing people.” “My experience with him has been amazing. I look up to him as a mentor. He is somebody with whom you can share anything whether it is some personal issue or professional,” she adds.

Rakul Preet Is Happy Over #MeeToo Momentum

Meanwhile, Rakul is happy that the #MeToo moment has gained and women are now coming forward naming and shaming the sexual predators. “I am very happy with the way the movement has gained momentum. These things have existed. I have been very lucky in my life that I haven’t faced it. But then you have heard of stories and I am glad that people are coming out and talking about it because it takes a lot of courage to do that,” she says.

Rakul also has an advice to people stating that it shouldn’t be misused else it coud supress the real voices. “My only request is to people not to misuse it because finally there is a voice for women and people are listening to them and an action can be taken, workplace can be made into a safer place. They should not misuse it,” said Rakul.