Rashmika Mandanna Opens Up On Break Up

Kannada actress Rashmika Mandanna calling off her engagement with popular star Rakshit Shetty left netizens shocked. Weeks after the news surfaced, Rasika has finally opened up on the news that has taken over the internet everywhere and blaming her to be the reason behind it. She took to Twitter to pen her a lengthy post, which reads, “Sorry I’ve been silent for so long..but I’ve been watching a lot of stories, articles, comments and trolls about me..it has been disturbing me on how I was being portrayed and everything blew out of proportion and yes I definitely don’t blame you guys for it..because that’s what you’d believe and I am not here to justify anything or anyone,” – Rashmika wrote in her Tweet.

“Please let us who work in our industry, work with a little peace of mind..That’s my two cents, let me conclude by saying I will CONTINUE DOING KANNADA FILMS.. I AM HERE TO STAY…” – she added.

Rashmika Mandana Rakshit Shetty Engagement Breakup

Previously Rashmika’s mother Suman Mandanna had to issue a statement to protect her daughter after many attacked Rashmika for calling it quits. “We are disturbed and on the path to recovery. For every individual, his life comes first…. nobody likes to hurt each other and everybody should be happy,” Rashmika’s mother said. Similarly, Rashmika’s ex Rakshit had earlier in his post asked his fans to refrain from abusing Rashmika.  In a lengthy post, Rakshit has broken his silence on the engagement being called off and rescued Rashmika by setting the records straight. He asked everyone not to judge Rashmika and let her be in peace.

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