Review : Darshakudu

Sukumar has brought his new film Darshakudu with a lot of promotions. Starring Telugu girl Esha Rebba, this film has made to the theaters finally. Read on to see how is it.
The story is very simple as an aspiring director wants to make a love story and himself falls in love with Esha Rebba. His thought is that he can use all his real life experiences in the film but to his bad luck, things change half way through. What are those problems that he faced is the whole story about?
Young actor Ashok is strictly okay in his role. He looks a bit inexperienced but managed to hold his fort. The heroine Esha Rebba is the highlight of the film as her expressions and subtle acting fills the film with warmth. She is the sole star who makes the film look bearable. Her role as the costume designer who falls in love with a director is cute and hard hitting at the same time.
Technical Overview and overall analysis:-
The film is very cleverly made in a small set up and has some moments here and there. But there is not much fizz about how the director finally balances both his career and love. This is where the film dies during the second half. The first thing is that the film does not have any noted faces and nor the entertainment required so you can ignore it.
One Line Verdict:-
Boring tale of a struggler