Review : Fidaa

Fidaa is a crucial film for both Varun Tej and Shekhar Kammula as both these guys are looking for that one solid hit. Read on to see whether they get this much-needed hit.
Varun Tej lands in India for his brother’s wedding. He falls in love with his Vadina’s sister played by Sai Pallavi. As expected, some sparks fly and the lead pair falls in love with each other. But some ego clashes erupt once Varun goes to the US. How does the couple get united and how will the family drama help in all this is the rest of the story.
Performances :
Sai Pallavi was amazing in the film. What screen presence and live wire she was. She has completely dominated Varun Tej but he too held his ground strong and then gave his best performance in his career. Sai Pallavi’s pimples look a bit odd at times and care should have been taken for this.
Sai Chand makes a good comeback and is superb as a supportive Telangana father. Heroine’s sister is very good and the bonding between the sisters is damn interesting. Satyam Rajesh has some moments. Director Tarun Bhaskar’s mom gets a good role.
Overall analysis and technical Overview: 
Shekhar Kammula should be credit for showcasing the emotions in a very strong way. You will get tears in your eyes many a time after seeing such solid emotions. The first half is a feast for youngsters as Sai Pallavi is in full form and will treat you to her beauty and performance in a fun manner. Music is mind blowing and so are all the visuals in the film.
See, there is no surprise element in terms of story but there are beautiful moments which Shekhar Kammula adds here and makes this film a super hit. The family audience is bound to love this film which is very clean and healthy. Watch this film with your entire family and go gaga over it.
One line Verdict:-
Compelling Love Story