Review: Nakshatram

Krishna Vamsi has been making some below par films for quite some time now. He is now tasting his luck with his new film Nakshatram and read on to see whether he has in him to make a comeback.
The story is based on the life of Rama Rao played by Sundeep Kishan who wants to be a cop at any cost. His dream is short lived by a drug addict played by Tanish. Left with no choice, Rama Rao decides to take things into his own hands but does not know that he will fall in even more bigger trouble because of Sai Dharam Tej’s character. What is all this confusion in simple cop drama and to know many more things, you have to go the theaters yourself?
Sundeep Kishan is just okay in his role but he too gets loud in the second half. Tanish relieves his tainted character of drug addict which has been blamed on him these days. He is good though. Pragya Jaiswal has some meaty stuff to do and even gets to fight the goons. Prakash Raj is routine as a senior cop but Shivaji Raja is very good as a drunken cop. Shreya sizzles in an item song and rest of the cast like Urvasi overact to no extent.
Technical Overview and overall Analysis
The first half has some fun moments in the form of two sexy songs which provide good scenes for the audience. Both the heroines have been utilized to the full extent as the skin show is amazing. The second half is where everything goes haywire and upsets the flow of the film. The film has big time logical issues and fumbles in the narrative big time. After a point, it tests your patience and leaves you looking for the exit door and we suggest you to strictly avoid this film this week.
One Line Verdict:-
Loud & Lousy