Review: Ninnu Kori

Nani is choosing some very entertaining subjects one after the other. Ninnu Kori is his latest presentation which has been backed heavily by Kona Venkat. The film is directed by Shiva Nirvana and read on to see will it give Nani his seventh hit.
Nani is a PHD student who is in deep love with Nivetha Thomas. Destiny strikes him hard as he is forced to leave his girlfriend for his career. But he realizes that it was a mistake and starts wooing Nivetha once again who is already married. What will be the outcome is the whole film about.
 Nani’s maturity is showcased in every scene of the film. With time, he has become sharp and is choosing films which will keep him close to his image as well as entertain the audience. In Ninnu Kori too, he is in top form and drives the film.
Nivetha Thomas is the perfect match to Nani and supports him in the film. Her role is quite complex but she has shown so much maturity and will go a long way.
The surprise package of the film is definitely Aadi who is rock solid in his role. Not once does he look inferior to Nani and Nivetha and brings a good depth to the film.

Overall analysis and technical overview: 

Let’s be frank, the story of Ninnu Kori is ages old and is an amalgamation of all Hindi hits from the 90’s. Sometimes it becomes DDLL and sometimes it is Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam.
But this is where the director shows his talent and presents the film in a contemporary manner with enough emotions and comedy. Music by Gopi Sundar makes things even better. But it is the camera work by Karthick which makes this look a class apart.
If you are looking for sheer fun, watch something else as this film has some mature moments and is clearly aimed at the families and classes who will love it decently.

One Line Verdict:-

Second chance in love