Review: Venkatapuram

Rahul or Tyson as he is known all over has brought his new film Venkatapuram to the audience after a long gap in his career. Read on to find out whether he gets lucky this time.
The story is based on the life of Chaitra played by Mahima who gets entangled and raped by some crooked goons which changes her life upside down.
Left with no choice she comes running to her boyfriend Anand played by Rahul who decides to take revenge on her behalf. Well, how does he do that you need to watch the film to find out.
Rahul tries hard and gets a makeover but He needs to improve a lot in the acting department but for now he is just about okay. But the real hero of the film is Ajay Ghosh who is quite scary and does a superb job in his role of bad as cop.
Whenever he is on screen he impresses you with his string voice and fierce avatar. Heroine Mahima is a bad choice as a heroine. A better actress could have done wonders.
Overall Analysis:
Venkatapuram has a very good setting as the film has been set in a gripping suspense theme. While the first half has some very low moments of the lead pair falling in love the second half is where the action starts and all the suspense is revealed.
Though the film is a dark thriller it has some very good suspense scenes which are maintained well till the end. As Rahul is very less known face the out come of the film will also be limited and we suggest the film to those who love these so called dark thrillers with a twist.
One line verdict: 
Thrills in bits and pieces
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