Review: Saptagiri Express

Cast: Saptagiri, Roshini Prakash, Posnai Krishna Murali, Hema, Shiyaji Shinde and others


Music: Bulganin

Producers: Dr. Ravi Kiran

Direction: Arun Pawar

Noted comedian Saptagiri turned into a hero with the comedy film Saptagiri Express. The buzz on this film has increased ever since Pawan Kalyan attended the audio function.  This film is a remake of the Tamil hit movie Thirudan Police. The movie has hit the screens today as a Christmas treat. Here’s the review of it:


Saptagiri (Saptagiri) is a happy go lucky guy who graduates in theatre arts. He aspires t be an actor and tries to enter into the film industry. But his father Shiva Prasad, who is working as a head constable wants Saptagiri to become a Police officer. Meanwhile, a goon named Maanikyam runs all the illegal activities in the area Saptagiri lives in. He does all these activities with the help of DSP Papayamma (Posani Krishna Murali) and his wife.

One day, SP orders DSP Papayamma to deal with this case. Knowing that DSP is the one who is behind all these acts, Shiva Prasad prepares a file with eveidence to submit it to the SP. Then both Manikyam and Papayyama gets Shivaprasad killed. What happens next? Did Saptagiri take revenge? How did he deal wit Manikyam and Paapayamma? You hae to watch the film to know the answers.



Saptagiri does a neat job in the role of an aspiring actor. He did justice to his role. Though the heroines’s role doesn’t have much scope in this film, Roshini Prakash  was good in her limited role. Shakalaka Shankar impresses the audience with his Srikakulam slang. Rest all did justice to their characters. 


Technical and overall analysis:

Saptagiri wrote this script based on the Tamil film Thirudan Police. Director Arun Pawar executed the script and screenplay written by Saptagiri. During the initial scenes, Saptagiri will be seen in role of Parusharama. His dialogues in that sequences works really well. The cinematography is good.Music was bad as both songs and background score fails to impress. Editing is also sloppy.

The story moves on a snail pace during the first half but it races up in the second half. The makers tried to portray the lives of constables and it was shown quite well. The comedy sequences which come before climax audience entertains the audience. Saptagiri, who is known for comic roles, impresses in the audience in a hero’s role. But the age old story and screenplay bores the audience. Overall, Saptagiri Express fails to impress the audience.

One-line verdict:

Boring Express


Rating: 2.5/5