RGV caustic tweet on Nara Lokesh

Ram Gopal Varma leaves nos tone unturned to be hog the limelight. With the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections and that YSRCP has emerged with a resounding victory, RGV has made caustic tweets on TDP, Chandrababu Naidu and his scion Nara Lokesh. IN his tweet he posted, “May summer in AP has created many sun strokes but TDP got affected with only one son stroke”.

Rangeela filmmaker is on attacking spree on CBN and in fact, shared memes on Babu calling it how the Karam happens. He also shared two pictures – Yatra and NTR: Kathanaykudu with the caption ‘Cinema result’ and ‘Election result’. The vengeance possibly comes after TDP government stalled Lakshmi’s NTR till the  Election Commission gives further notice. However, now it is all set for release on May 31.