Ritika Singh’s In Car Movie Review

Starring: Ritika Singh, Manish Jhanjholia, Sandeep Goyat, Sunil Soni and Gyan Prakash
Director: Harsh Warrdhan
Producers: Anjum Qureshi and Sajid Qureshi
Music Director: Mathias Duplessy
Cinematography: Mithun Gangopadhyay
Editor: Manik Diwar
Release Date : March 03, 2023
Ritika Singh is trying hard to make a comeback in Telugu. She is now back with one more film called In Car which has been released today. Read our review to find out if the film has any juice in it or not.
Three criminals are leaving for Machilipatnam and forcefully stop a car. They ask an old man to drive them and in the middle of their journey, they become lusty and kidnap a girl(Ritika Singh) and take her in the car. As she resists, they decide to reach their destination and then rape her. How will this young girl survives this onslaught is the rest of the story.
In Car is an out-and-out Ritika Singh film. She as the victim of the kidnapping does a great job. The entire film is shot in a car and she sits in between two dreaded criminals who are all over her body most of the time. So performing such uncomfortable scenes was hard but Ritika does a great job and makes an impact in the climax especially. Manish Jhanjholia does a brilliant job as the vindictive rapist. Sandeep Goyat and Sunil Soni are pretty decent as the other two culprits.
What’s Good
Ritika Singh’s performance
What’s Bad
Slow Narration
Logic goes missing
lack of emotional depth
The film is a road journey project where three criminals abduct a girl and try to rape her. This is a tricky situation as the villains do not stop the car and so much happens in the Car as per the title. Director Harssh takes forever to take into the main plot and once it does, there is no thrill at all. There is no panic on the heroine’s face as she gives up after a while.
The manner in which the two key characters behave in the car is not that great. Instead of creating a terror kind of a situation, there is so much dialogue and wastage of time. After a while, even the spectators feel why are the guys not raping her. They waste so much time and the girl does not retaliate as well.
The BGM of the film is a big minus as it does not create any impact. The camerawork and the outskirts of Delhi where the film is set are shown well. Also, the camerawork is amazing in the film as the manner scenes in the car are showcased is superb. The Telugu dubbing is the worst for any recent dubbed film. There is no seriousness in the film as there is no sense of emotion.
The last ten minutes of the film where the girl finally realities is neat. There is also an old character in the film who drives the car. He too is a spectator and does not help the girl. So, all this looks fake. But the director manages to save us by narrating the climax in a decent manner. But by then, the audience is already depressed and frustrated and is looking at the exit door.
Bottom Line : Lacks Basic Thrill
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