Roll Rida Names Top 3 Contestants

Telugu rapper Roll Rida got eliminated in this week’s nomination and missed his chance to get into top five finalists. While the top five contestants who are in the finale are – Kaushal, Samrat, Tanish, Deepthi and Geetha. Roll, who joined host Nani after his eviction revealed that he considers Kaushal, Tanish and Geetha as top three contestants.

Bigg Boss Top 3 Contestants By Roll Rida

In September 23 episode, Nani asked each contestant to campaign for themselves asking why the audience should vote for them. It began with Kaushal who knitted a story where he considers himself as a hunter and is in purist of his goal. Later, other housemates also sated their reason as to why they should win the title. But, it was Kaushal’s speech that got audience connected with and now hashtag #vetagadukaushal is trending on social media.

On the other side, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 is nearing to end and has become the flavour of the season. The finale will be held on September 30 and audience are wondering who would be the chief guest of the Bigg Boss finale. And the buzz is that it would have two-star heroes and yes your guess is right. The show organisers are planning to have Jr NTR and Nagarjuna. Well, that would be a double treat for the audience. Isn’t it folks?

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