Rs 550 Cr Spent On VFX For Rajinikanth 2.0

Rajinikanth’s 2.0 has been making news since its inception. The film was supposed to release last year in Diwali but got postponed several times to get VFX done And now Akshay Kumar, who plays the baddies in the film revealed a startling fact about the VFX work. IN an Instagram posted he said that a whopping 75 million dollars have been sent on only on VFX work. Well that makes it to Rs 550 crores in Indian currency. Well, this is first Indian film that has spent a staggering amount only for VFX.

The makers will be unveiling Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 on September 13 which happens to be Ganesh Chaturthi. “Rajinikanth asked me not to publish the teaser at this time when the Kerala people are in a dilemma. So, the Teaser launch ceremony was postponed,” said director Shankar. He then went on to add that, “2.O teaser will be released on September 13th, Vinayagar Chaturthi.”

Music composer AR Rahman told how Shankar is holding strong despite a lot of hurdles came in that went postponing the film. “There are a lot of expectations riding on the film. What’s good about Shankar is this project, he is the right person. Anyone else would have broken by now. He is like an iron man held on to it saying “I won’t compromise. I want this quality. It’s in 3D, I just watched one song. No CG on it…mindblowing. Only this guy can do this. And there is a whole climax scene, which is incredible,” Rahman said.

Recently, the BBC video from the sets of 2.0 did rounds on social media. The video shows Amy Jackson learning her dance moves and also gives the glimpse of Rajinkatna and director Shankar. The exclusive video shows some dance sequence interlaced with an interview of the technicians.

“I don’t want to disparage Hollywood, but I’m having more fun over here than I ever did there,” says Ray Hannisian, a 3D stereographer in the video. The video ends with a VFX sowing a whale’s tail in the end. Well, one doesn’t get to hear anything from Rajnikanth but don’t get disappointed as one gets to see Thaliavar’s trademark style.