Samantha Akkineni Joins #MeToo Movement 

Southern diva Samantha Akkineni has come forward by supporting #MeToo movement which is witness many women coming out and naming their sexual predators who have harassed in workplaces and also who rein in prominent positions. Sam wrote, “I am so happy that more and more women are finding the strength to say #MeToo . Your bravery is commendable . I am sorry though that some people ,even other women themselves will shame and burden you with the question of proof and doubt. Just know that you are saving many little girls with your voice . Thankyou . I support the #MeTooIndia movement”.

Samantha Akkineni Reacts On MeToo Movement

Previously, Samantha’s close friend singer Chinmayi Sripaada‏ has opened up in a lengthy Twitter post about the sexual abuse she had gone through. Chinmayi recounted her experience stating that she was sexually molested when she was 8 or 9-year-old. She further exposed a noted YouTuber and Kollywood film critic Prashanth Rangaswamy who called her “super figure” and said he loved her. Chinmayi then exposed the popular YouTuber ad Kollywood film critic, Prashanth. “One of the successful ‘Youtube’ reviewers now – Prashanth offered to ‘support’ me and immediately launched into, ‘Dont worry sweetheart/darling I will Support you.’