Dangal actress has no qualms on repeating clothes

Dangal fame actress Sanya Malhotra though surrounded by stylist has said that she doesn;lt have any qualms about repeating clothes, adding she can’t afford to buy sustainable fashion as it’s too expensive.

Sanya says, “I don’t mind repeating clothes at all. It’s pretty normal. I feel glad that I have a team of great stylists who dress me up. They don’t let me repeat clothes. But personally, whenever I go out I don’t mind repeating clothes because clothes are very expensive. I am trying not to buy fast fashion brands and switch to sustainable fashion. Sustainable clothes are damn expensive. Itna budget nahi hai (I don’t have enough budget). I have to do a lot of stuff. I live alone in Mumbai”.

The Badhai Ho actress also says that she loves fashion and likes dressing up. “I like wearing nice clothes and dressing up. At the same time, I know that I can’t be perfect all the time. Actors don’t have to be conscious all the time or up their game when it comes to fashion. Personally, I am a very laid-back and a lazy person. I have tried a lot to be perfect all the time. It doesn’t suit me. It doesn’t make me happy and I do things that make me happy,” she said.

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