Serial star gets mangoes from Pawan’s farm

Pawan Kalyan has an interest in farming is a no news. The actor during his free time visits his farm fields, in fact, his close friends also get the fruits of his farm. This time however not an cinema star but a serial actor got mangoes from PK farm.

Kaartika Deepam Serial actor gets Mangoes from Pawan Kalyan

Wondering who that actors is? Well, the actor is none other than Karthika Deepam fame Nirupam. But it was not Pawan who had sent, rather his mother Anjana Devi had sent them. “She loved my performance in Karthika Deepam and she sent a personalised greeting card hand-written along with the mangoes. When we receive such compliments, we tend to forget our stress and difficulties, and such compliments keep us motivated to do better,” he said.